A Short Found Poem:

I have been drafting a lot in my journal, which I also take my day to day notes in. So…all my drafts of poems are interjected by random notes and aphorisms…so here is a found poem composed from my day-book:

Spaces / retreat
night meeting
wiki that
iowa / wyoming / houston
bonfire / transcription
hammer being drawn
map & structures
look into dragon / in loop
break / loudness
writings in pencil
nature to fade
the dog is drawn
the snake in the hedge

April is National Poetry Month


Since April is National Poetry Month, we are planning on having a busy month here. Below is a list of upcoming events we will be hosting, reading at, or otherwise attending that focus on poetry in our community:

APRIL 15th – OPEN WORDS – poetry workshop at the Bean Cycle

APRIL 25th – READING – at the Harmony Library

APRIL 28th – READING – at the Old Firehouse Bookstore

Conspiracy Keanu addresses my writers block

been having some minor writers block lately….


conspiracy keanu had some wise words

2nd OPEN WORDS workshop


we are pleased to present the 2nd in our series of community workshops!

please stop by! bring a poem (several printed copies works best for recieving feedback etc) and an open mind!

This is Radio by Frank O’Hara, taken from his book Meditations in an Emergency (click on the poem to make it bigger). You should read the poem and then play a new game called Estimation Tennis in the comments section. Say what you want about the poem, criticism and evaluation, then respond back in forth with other readers/comment makers. The point here is to discover more poetry by great writers, interact with more poetry and become better (overall) at reading poetry (and maybe infringe (slightly) on a couple copyright laws).

Make sense? Great, see you in the comments section.


Open Word: Renegade / Community Poetry Workshop

As spoken by Wolvering Farm Publishing:

The 2012 Poet(s) Laureate Workshop Series
As Fort Collins welcomes two newly elected Poet Laureates in 2012, the town can also welcome a new and regular poetry workshop series. From 7 to 9pm on the 15th of every month, we will gather on the upstairs balcony of The Bean Cycle/Matter Bookstore. The workshops will be hosted by Matthew Sage and Michael Bussmann (the Poet Laureates) and everyone is invited. All you need is some paper, a pen (or pencil), some workable poetry, and the desire to improve your literary efforts. The idea is unintimidating–small group workshopping to elevate your poetry and help foster a better and more open poetic community in Fort Collins. Get writing, and we’ll see you there.

Poetry Puma is Poetic

memes via quickmeme